Prevention and suppression of all forms of gender-based violence

This program is continuation and expansion of the activities which started with the Legaline program, launched in second half of 1995, and is one of the oldest programs of the organization. Its purpose is to determine deficiencies in existing legislation and/or failures in the implementation by responsible institutions, on the basis of direct communication with the citizens and through providing legal and psychosocial assistance to the victims of violence. The goal is to define effective ways of prevention of violence, provision of technical assistance in the protection from violence (public lectures) and sanctioning gender-based violence.

1. Establishment of psychological and legal counseling center for individuals and partners regardless of their sex or gender.

The main objective of the counseling center will be to provide legal and psychological counseling for individuals and partners, conserning their rights and responsibilities in relationships, domestic violence, parental rights, ownership/property rights etc.

2. Strategic litigations in procedures related to gender-based violence.

3. Monitoring and influence on the formulation of policies and legislation in the field of gender-based violence.

4. Campaign of raising public awareness about gender-based violence.