Advocacy and monitoring of legislative procedures, public policies and implementation measures

Goal of this program is to increase the impact of human rights sphere on legislation and practices when it comes to combating discrimination and protection of the right to public expression and freedom of opinion,  freedom of gathering, etc. B.a.B.e. have so far been recognized as an organization that responds to all forms of human rights violations and not exclusively as an organization for women's human rights. As a part of this program, we intend to implement the following projects:

1. "Responsibility – Freedom of Expression" aims at identifying and promoting strategic approaches for civil society to tackle threats and challenges of hate speech, fake news and intimidation, while maintaining a democratic environment and respecting the freedom of speech. 

The project aims at developing strategies against these challenges for civil society, fostering the responsible application of the freedom of expression. It is an instrument of solidarity and cross-border cooperation in times of crisis, strengthening particularly vulnerable groups of individuals and NGOs as their public voices. It addresses victims of hatred, migrants, Roma and volunteers working with marginalized groups of different nationalities, age, gender, religion and culture. The project fights against marginalization, fake news, harassment and intolerance. By identifying best practices in different countries and by its specific dissemination strategies The project builds counter-narratives to foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding, which will enhance the understanding of freedom of expression as a valuable intangible good that needs protection from abusive implementation and practices, especially on the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. As such, the project is directed at creating and maintaining a social atmosphere of respectful dialogue and understanding, encouraging democratic participation and empowering citizens to get actively involved in shaping EU policies. Project partners: The World of NGOs (Austria), University of Vienna (Austria), Asociatia Institutul de Cercetare Fagaras (Romania), Association sustainability of progressive and open communicate (Bulgaria), B.a.B.e. (Croatia).

2. Promotion of the anti-discrimination legislative and policies in coordination with other human rights organizations, especially within Human Rights House.

3. Coordination and preparation of reports on the implementation of human rights instruments of the UN and Council of Europe.

4. Human rights organizations in Croatia, including B.a.B.e., have established informal coalition Platform 112 and continued with activities such as monitoring and evaluation of Government and Parliament performance.

5. Active member of informal Platform for Reproductive Rights

Recently implemented projects:

1. "Thinking locally, acting nationally: Empowering local human rights CSOs in the underdeveloped areas". The goal of this project is, as title states, to empower local CSOs engaged in promotion and protection of human rights and combating discrimination in Lika-Senj, Šibenik-Knin and Požega-Slavonia Counties, in order to become a relevant stakeholder in the implementation of anti-discrimination measures through specific policies in these regions. At the same time, end users in targeted counties are informed and consulted regarding protection of their human rights and protection from discrimination. Problems of the most vulnerable groups are presented at the national and international level in documentary film that is realized within the project.

2."I have the power and knowledge to change the world". Objectives of this project are: a) to strenghten students'awareness on the system of human rights protection, to help them become more efficient and better members of the society, b) education on the process and importance of mainstreem media analysis, in order to avoid indoctrination and insensitivity to human rights violations.